Two weeks ago, we shared a story about James Gandolfini and how the lack of an estate plan cost his family time and money. There’s another Hollywood star in the news with a similar story. Casey Kasem, you might remember him for his “Top 40” radio days, is battling health issues that have caused¬†divisiveness among his family. While multiple marriages and heirs have certainly muddied the waters, his advisors, from his attorneys to financial professionals, should have coordinated a meeting among his family and helped them formulate an elder care plan. This lack of collaboration among his professional advisors has caused his family much anguish. It’s a simple process to gather around the table annually and discuss any of the unique and challenging needs facing a particular client.

What do you think? In what ways do you collaborate with your clients’ other professional advisors to ensure ALL of their needs are being met? Tell us in the comments section below.¬†

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