Jeff Helms, CFA

Managing Partner

As a financial advisor, Jeff Helms focuses in the areas of wealth preservation, tax mitigation, and estate planning for a limited number of successful families in Florida. He has achieved the designation of Charter Financial Analyst.

Jeff began his career as an institutional trader prior to becoming a financial advisor. At the age of 32, he was appointed President and CEO of The Advisors Group, a prestigious wealth management firm headquartered in Washington DC with more than $2 billion of client assets under management. In 2001, Jeff had the privilege of working with Bill Sharpe (the 1990 Nobel Prize winner) and his team to develop an innovative wealth management model.

Using his expertise as a financial advisor, Jeff has authored two books on the subject of wealth management: “What Great Investors Know”, and “Generation R: A Retirement Nation at Risk.” After relocating his family to Florida, Jeff used his depth and experience to develop a wealth management consulting firm focused on making a major difference in the lives of clients.

He currently serves as Chairman of the City of St Augustine Pension Board and is a member of the Northeast Florida Estate Planning Council, The Financial Planning Association, and the CFA Society of Jacksonville. Jeff is also a Certified Retirement Coach.


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