Your second opinion starts here

WHY: To help you evaluate the value of our services and make an informed decision about hiring our firm.

WHAT: A free retirement assessment. We will review your current situation and show you how to improve your retirement success before paying us a dime.

WHO: Diligent savers who have accumulated investment & retirement assets of $500,000 or more (Excluding real estate).

No Cost of Obligation

We want you to know how we can help before you pay anything.


You'll Get Answers

You will receive answers to your most important questions about retirement.


15 Minute Call

The first step is a quick call with our team.

Your Second Opinion

Schedule A Call

A quick call will give us both an opportunity to make sure your situation matches our expertise. If we aren’t the right financial planner to help you, we’ll point you to the right expert for your needs.

Meet The Team

The next step is meeting with our team in our office or via Zoom. The meeting normally lasts up to an hour and we really seek to understand your financial goals and concerns.

Before the meeting we’ll request some important documents from you. This information will assist our analysis and help us answer your questions.


After meeting with you, our team will apply our decades of experience to answer your most important questions.

1. Are you on track for achieving your financial goals? Most people want to know if they will run out of money before they run out of time.

2. Can your investments work harder for you? Are you taking more risk than you are aware of? How much are your investments costing you?

3. Can your lifetime tax bill be reduced? Its not just about how much you’re paying today, but how much you pay over your life that counts.

Review Assessment

Now that our analysis is complete, we will have a second meeting to share our findings with you. We will explain to you – without all the jargon – what you can do to improve your chances of success.

We will answer your most important questions. According to our clients we have a way of making the complicated easy to understand.

At the end of the meeting we will ask if you find our services valuable and if you’d like us to partner with you. You are free to think about it.

Think About It

We want to be your partner for a long time so it’s important you take as much time as necessary to make a decision.

Here are some questions to help you make a smart decision and avoid a costly mistake:

1. Do I like, trust and respect the First Coast Wealth team?

2. Will the value I receive be worth more than the fee I pay?

3. Do I understand and agree with their approach to investing?

4. Do their financial planning recommendations make sense?

We are not into being pushy so the ball will be in your court to decide to engage with us. We will not hound you.

If you decide that we aren’t a great fit, that’s completely fine. We know we’re not right for everybody. There will never be a hard sell to pressure you to say yes.

Let’s Get Started!

We are honored that you have chosen to let us partner with you in the achievement of your financial goals.

Before we get started, we will regroup to answer any lingering questions and set expectations for the new client process. Once your account(s) have been opened we will focus on implementing the steps necessary to achieve your financial goals.

Step #1: Schedule A Quick Call

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Fit?

We are retirement planning experts and provide the most value to:

Individuals over age 50 who are retired or want to know they’ll have the ability to retire one day.

Diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $500,000 or more (excluding real estate).
People who want to delegate their retirement planning and investment management to an expert so they can spend time on things that matter most to them.

Still Have Questions?

Can you meet virtually?
Yes. We are equipped to meet with clients and potential clients through the video conferencing app, Zoom. Each virtual meeting is protected by a unique password and we adhere to strict security guidelines necessary to ensure your privacy. And we’re happy to go old school and use the telephone too.
Can you work with people in other states?
Absolutely! While many of our clients are in north Florida, we work with clients all over the country.
How does First Cost Wealth Advisors make money?
Great question. Probably one of the most important ones to ask. We don’t work for a bank, brokerage or insurance company. Our only employer is our client. We serve as a fiduciary for our clients, which means we have a legal and ethical duty to place the clients interests above our own in every recommendation we make. Our independence from large Wall Street firms enables us to put our clients first in everything we do. In the majority of circumstances, our client relationships are fee-based. This allows us to tailor each client relationship to bring maximum value for our services. When our clients succeed, we succeed.
Do you offer an hourly or one-time project fee option?
We do our best work with people looking for a long-term relationship.
How are you different from other financial advisors?
There are three important things that separate us from other financial advisors: 1. We are retirement specialists with the number one goal of making sure you don’t run out of money before you run out of time. 2. Our clients tell us we provide them with financial peace because of how we’re able to communicate with them. We make the complex simple. 3. We limit the number of new clients we serve so we can provide incredible value and personalized service.
Why should I consider hiring First Coast Wealth Advisors?
Great question! Let me explain why you shouldn’t hire us. If you’re looking for an advisor who will trade stocks in an attempt to “beat the market”, you’ve come to the wrong place. We only focus on the things we can control and stock market returns isn’t one of them. If you’re interested in making sure you don’t run out of money before you run out of time, reducing your lifetime tax bill, and generally want financial peace then you’re in the right spot.

Step #1: Schedule A Quick Call

Not Quite Ready To Schedule A Call? That’s Cool!

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You can also call us directly at (904) 824-4349 if you just have a few questions for us. Our blog might be a great resource for you too.

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