The Baby Boomers Big Bang & Other Events Shaping Our Retirement Future

Written by Jeff Helms

The financial world is complex and constantly changing. Those changes can impact our clients and their plans for the future. As the firms founder and Managing Partner, making sense of these changes is my job. We try to simplify communication on market dynamics to make it meaningful and useful for our clients.

June 17, 2015


The Baby Boomers Big Bang & Other Events Shaping Our Retirement Future-media-1

In order to frame an understanding of what awaits you in retirement, you need to understand a series of factual events that are occurring. Taken alone, these independent events may be mildly worrisome, and I doubt you’re losing any sleep over them. But, it’s the way these events will interact with each other that will dramatically impact the future, much like Junger’s perfect storm.

Some of these facts aren’t pretty, but stay with me, because facts generally yield conclusions. The conclusions you draw from this combination of factual events could very well determine how well you fare when it comes to your retirement years.

The events that will affect each and every retiree are:

  • The Boomers “Big Bang”
  • The Longevity Revolution
  • The Healthcare Conundrum
  • Social (In)Security
  • The Pension Ice Age
  • The Saving and Investment Vacuum
  • The Financially Illiterate Masses
  • The Rear View Mirror Approach to Retirement

Most Baby Boomers appear to be blissfully unaware that all these elements of a perfect storm are converging in the next few years to disrupt their retirement life. So, how you can escape the coming retirement crisis? I explore each event in detail in my book, “Generation R: A Retirement Nation at Risk.” Click here to download the first section of the book where I explain each one, and how the convergence of these events will shape our future in retirement.