Generation R: A Retirement Nation at Risk

Today, thousands of people in this nation are waking up and exclaiming, “I’m retiring today!” Tomorrow, thousands more will do the same.

These exclamations will have a profound effect on individual’s lives, and on our country as a whole, and most of these people aren’t prepared for what awaits them. When it comes to retirement, we are about to experience a confluence of events of historic proportions.

generation-r-coverIn “Generation R: A Retirement Nation at Risk”, author and founder/managing partner of FIrst Coast Wealth Advisors, Jeffrey Helms, CFA, describes in detail the impending retirement crisis and how you can escape it.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The 5 key risks you’ll face in retirement
  • How to transform yourself into a great investor
  • Developing a RICHER™ retirement strategy
  • And more!

Download the first section of the book as a PDF now, and then call us to learn how you can get the complete book free!

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