Outlook 2021: Markets, the Economy, and the Roaring 20s

Written by Chris Draughon

I want to see you achieve your financial goals so I spend my time making the complicated things simple. As the Director of Financial Planning I help our clients identify their most important financial goals and develop paths to get them there on time with room to spare.

February 17, 2021

Its time for our 2021 investment outlook. Join me and Jeff Helms as we discuss our outlook for 2021 against the backdrop of declining Covid-19 cases, an improving economy, and increasing corporate profits. While there are many signs the economy is improving, there are still risks that investors should be aware of. Most notably the potential for inflationary pressures and higher taxes.

In our previous post we discussed some of the nuances of last year and things we’re following. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to give it a quick read. 

In addition to discussing 2021 investment outlook, we share some actionable ideas on how to manage your lifetime tax burden.

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